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Psychology of computer programming epub

Psychology of computer programming epub

Psychology of computer programming. Gerald M. Weinberg

Psychology of computer programming
ISBN: 0932633420,9780932633422 | 299 pages | 8 Mb

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Psychology of computer programming Gerald M. Weinberg
Publisher: Dorset House

A couple of months ago the topic of psychology and computer programming came up in a thread; it was noted there didn't seem to be a lot of work done in the area (iirc). Weinburg describes a style of development environment relying heavily on peer reviews. Sometimes things go beautifully, sometimes a programmer spends whole days beating his head against the wall on a single point, until finally the light bulb lights up. As I understand it, this book is a cult classic, and I was very curious to read it. The Psychology of Computer Programming 398 pages | Sep 22 2010 |ISBN: 0442292643 | PDF | 5.5 Mb This book has a wealth of information on how programmers work when in groups, and is a useful. The Psychology Of Computer Programming – Gerald Weinberg THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion – L. Unfortunately, geek psychology doesn't often lead to this kind of design process. Critical subject matter should include economics, statistics, mathematics, logic and systems modeling, current (not historical) cultural evolution, psychology, and computer programming. These are The Psychology of Computer Programming. In 1971, Gerald Weinberg published his (now classic) book, The Psychology of Computer Programming. Egoless programming's roots lie in the book, “The Psychology of Computer Programming” by Jerry Weinburg, 1971. Jerry Weinberg was the first researcher to look at this stuff in his classic PSYCHOLOGY OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. Computer-Programming I recently read (sort of) Frederick Brooks's The Mythical Man-Month.

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